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"GOLIATH 8" feeder XXXL

The Goliath feeder basket is made for lakes it can be loaded with huge ammount of bait and the basket is small weight. It is made for pre feeding in the first place but it can be used for pile feeding as well. It is really easy to use. It is soft soldered and on the bottom and on the top it is strenghtened with wires. The wholes are 8 x 8 mm wide it is around 5-10 minutes till the bait completely outflows. It has 3 sizes XL (diameter: 35mm, height: 48mm), XXL (diameter: 42mm, height: 54mm), XXXL (diameter: 47 mm, height: 70mm).

"GOLIATH 8" feeder XXXL

Item number: 50228XXXL

Category: Feeder baskets

Unit: pcs

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