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First, it's important to mention that only wholesalers and retailers can orderPurchases are not possible for individuals.

You have to registrate before you to start shopping. The prices and the purchase will be available after confirmation!


You can use the search facility or by browsing the Products section of the website.

Choose the product you wish to purchase. You can see the product code, product description, product options (colours and gramms) Product Quantity and the Price (Including VAT).

Select "Add to Cart". You will receive a message that the item has been added. 

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Press "continue" and all your details will be displayed including the products ordered for your confirmation. Once you are okay with the details press the "Payment" button. If you want to go back and change any aspect of your order press the "back" button. Your order is confirmed when we reconfirm it in an e-mail!


- Pro forma invoice

As this site is not operated as a shop, there is no online payment option, payment terms will be determined individually. 

You can also e-mail your order to or

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Deáky Ltd reserves the right to withdraw any product from the Site at any time and we may refuse to process any transaction at any time at our sole discretion.

Please note we do not collect or store any card data via this website.